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Common Plans' Term Questions

Our approach to time allocation is based on flexibility and fairness, not strict hourly accounting. We aim to integrate seamlessly with your team, focusing on achieving objectives rather than watching the clock. The “Average Time Allocation” reflects this, indicating that while some months may require more hours, others may need less. Our commitment is to provide excellent service and drive business results within a reasonable framework. To ensure fairness, we have a “Fair Hours Work Policy” with a soft cap at 50% above the average monthly hours. For instance, the soft cap for the Starter plan would be 60 hours per month (40 hours * 1.5).

Yes, as our involvement spans across marketing, sales, and post-sales activities, our team is compensated through commissions. The specifics of the commission structure will be determined in a meeting with our expert, taking into account the type and complexity of the deals, as well as their size and duration.

Our services begin with a three-month commitment to ensure that we can set a solid foundation for your RevOps strategy. This period allows us to fully understand your business, implement necessary systems, and start seeing tangible results.

After the initial three months, our agreement shifts to a month-to-month basis. This provides you with the flexibility to adjust or discontinue our services based on your evolving business needs and the value you perceive.

The Starter Plan is designed for the initial phase of RevOps outsourcing, focusing on building engagement with prospects and initiating campaigns. As relationships with potential clients solidify and deals progress, the Growth Plan comes into play. It caters to businesses that need a more hands-on approach in closing deals and managing accounts post-sale. It’s ideal for companies that have moved beyond the preliminary stages of the sales funnel, with sales-qualified leads (SQL) and customer-qualified leads (CQL) needing closer attention, while still fueling the RevOps engine with new opportunities.

The Expand Plan is tailored for businesses managing multiple products across various channels, where the complexity and scope of operations demand extensive time and resources. This plan provides comprehensive support for intricate operations, including diverse event management and sophisticated operational strategies. It’s the ideal solution for organizations looking to scale up significantly and enhance their multi-faceted RevOps activities.

Should your business require extra hours beyond the Expand plan, we offer the flexibility of purchasing additional hours in bulk. This allows you to seamlessly integrate more work into your plan without any disruption. For one-off events or high-activity periods like end-of-year campaigns, you can also request a special package of hours tailored to that particular month’s needs.

Upon subscribing to our plan, the initial step is a comprehensive kick-off meeting where we delve into understanding your product, solution, and current processes. We’ll establish the objectives for the first quarter, with a detailed plan for the immediate month ahead, focusing on campaign strategies, lead engagement, and tool utilization. The first month is pivotal for laying the groundwork and aligning our efforts with your short-term business goals.

Our focus areas are strategically planned through regular communication channels like calls, Slack, and scheduled meetings. Weekly meetings are designed to tackle immediate tasks, challenges, and objectives for the upcoming week. The monthly strategic meetings are more in-depth, aimed at planning for the month ahead. Here, we align our efforts with your company’s broader goals and requirements, ensuring that our time is focused effectively to yield the best results.

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