Demand Generation:
What is it Really?

Where to start… Demand Generation Marketing is the backbone of Digital Marketing. It’s more than just making a few ads on Google and Facebook or getting a small conversion here or there. Let’s dive into the world of Demand Gen and see what wonders await your company.

Many people believe they know every ounce that goes into Demand Gen. Marketing, however, quite often they are stuck in the past. Like all things in life, marketing is ever-changing. Demand Gen now is about connecting all the dots between every facet of digital marketing.

Demand Generation What is it Really

Imagine a massive rainstorm pummeling you from all sides. You’re running to look for shelter to escape the rain and stumble upon a giant umbrella. Without thinking twice, you grab it and safely stroll to shelter.

Demand Generation What is it Really

In this analogy, the rainstorm would be all the little aspects of the marketing and sales cycle. They may seem like small drops but added together can become a storm. The umbrella is Demand Gen. giving a sense of safety, allowing you to connect everything together. The shelter is the ROI and your company can now rejoice.

So, what is Demand Generation?

Demand Generation can help your company reach new markets, build more customers, promote new products, and re-engage existing customers. However, it’s more than just simply a branding concept or beginning stages of a sales cycle. Demand Gen. is actually everything, leading through conversions, ads, social media, PPC, the sales cycle, and optimizing everything along the way.

Think of Demand Gen. as the long game. First, you start by gaining new leads. The age of the cold calls is dead. Now we can have leads come to you. Use ads on all platforms, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and yes, even Bing. By generating leads this way, you know they are already interested and are automatically further along in the sales funnel. However, it’s not just as simple as making an ad and hoping for the best.


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It’s also more than just doing a few keywords. You must go to the audience level and narrow down who you want to see your ads. It can be broad, based on location or age, or it can become specific and use In-Market (ex. Google) to choose people based on interests, habits, trends, and even education levels. After you have decided whoyou want to see your ad, you’re able to launch your new campaign.

Now, you will take your newfound leads and add them to remarketing lists. The key to Demand Gen. is remarketing all your leads. This means, when people are searching for miscellaneous things on the web or looking on other sites, your targeted ads will show to them.

Imagine you sell timeshares; you have an ad that someone clicks on. They are then added to a remarketing list. When they ask Google for “the best place to vacation this year,” you add will pop up on the search results because they have already interacted with your website and/or ad. Then they are looking for that perfect bikini, and your ad shows up on that site just as a friendly reminder about using a timeshare for their dream vacation. This continues on until the lead eventually completes the desired conversion you have set. Looking to elevate your digital assets for more effective remarketing campaigns? Explore how Cincopa can help you enhance your digital presence with a success story from Leidos. Visit Elevate Your Digital Assets with Cincopa to learn more.

Is that all?

There is indeed more to Demand Gen. than setting up the correct ads and remarketing leads. Every company has the desire to grow, increase conversions, and ultimately make more money. You are probably saying to yourself “duh” right about now. Yet there is a lingering question, how to do this…?

Remember in this golden age of digital marketing, everything is linked together. Meaning, marketing is no longer just its own department off imaging unicorns and rainbows. Sales is no longer on their own hitting the phones or chasing down leads like a dog with a bone. These departments now work together. Marketing brings sales leads to, well, sale. Sales hands marketing leads that have not converted so they can be retargeted. Emails are now fully linked between the departments as is the MAP, Marketing Automation Platform.

However, not to lead to a misunderstanding, marketing and sales are still separate departments. They have their own tasks to complete and ways to achieve them. But being linked together through Demand Gen. leads to a cohesive workflow guaranteed to bring a higher ROI to any company.

Now that you know the key to more success is connecting the dots between companies, what’s next? There are a few tips to help you along your way, read our other blogs to learn more about each one.

1. Don’t be afraid to give away your best stuff!

2. Offer trials or free tools/resources.

3. Use look-alike audiences on different ad platforms.

4. Run webinars and invite a few friends from your industry to join.

5. Display campaigns can be a lifesaver, use them.

6. Remarket, remarket, remarket!

For an integrated solution to streamline your marketing and sales efforts, consider HubSpot. Learn more about why HubSpot could be the right choice for your business by visiting Why Choose HubSpot.

That’s all folks!

Not really 😊 There’s always more to marketing, especially Demand Generation Marketing. So make sure to check out our other blogs and contact The to set up a meeting to discuss any questions or schedule a demo to see how we can help your company grow.

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