The Six Heads-Point to Move Opportunities Efficiently on the Funnel

Marketing and Sales as One Team!

Driving forward opportunities along the funnel stages is one of the most vital steps in the process to create a deal. Obvious, right? However, the answer is not a clean-cut when we take into consideration the marketing and sales tactics in the market today.

Marketing objectives and sales objectives are intertwined, the more significant distance in the process between those two arms, more leads will fall between the cracks and deals will be lost.

As marketers, we know how much we are investing to generate those leads and nurturing the contacts and the accounts to be ready for buying the solution, but the less the flow of the opportunity in the Funnel the lower is the ROI.

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So, how to Connect? Simple, Throughout the Funnel!

The Full Funnel, which includes the sales and the marketing funnel (See figure 1 below) would be the head points that can utilize for measuring the performance of the process and to ensuring that the opportunities (Leads) move in the right direction on the process to the closing stage:
Full Funnel can’t structure by utilizing a template; it is a method which needs to adjust per the sales cycle, industry, targeted clients, territory, etc.

We have developed the main head points for the full funnel structure (See figure 1).

Six steps how to utilize the head points to build the sales funnel in which establish the handshake between the marketing and the sales to increase efficiency:

1. Both on the marketing and sales team should classify the Inbound and the Outbound leads, and defined as the Lead, parameters such as Revenue, number of employees, CIS Code and industry are only part of what should be classified.

2. There are differences between Inbound and Outbound leads, in which we will leave for another white paper, therefore fro the purpose here we will define Inbound, and Outbound leads as a VL (Validated lead) upon any positive engagement occur with the Contact.

Note: Leads in which comes from Inbound and fill up the form can be defined directly as a QL.

3. In order to convert the Contact into QL (Qualified Leads), Inside Sales team will need to have a quality conversation with the Contact to ensure there is an overlapping between the Contact needs and the company solution.

Note: This step is crucial from the marketing perspective, nurturing the Contact and the Buying group in the same company needs to engage in a sequence throughout multiple channels, to build confidence, trust and the beginning of the relationship.

4. The Inside Sales will follow-up, the Marketers, need to keep nurturing until a Discovery meeting schedule. Once a Discovery Meeting (First meeting) occurred, the Contact and the buying group on the account will convert to MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead).

Note: In most cases, this is the stage the Lead forward from Marketing to sales; however, Marketing Team, Hold Up! You still have work to do, to declare this as a success.

5. In this stage the sales team initiates the nurturing process with the Contact and the buying group, upon the request of a proposal by the Contact (s) the Lead will be converted to SQL (Sales Qualified Leads).

Note: In this point, the nurturing process is crucial and have to sync between the marketing and sales with the messages, scripts and the key values.

6. For some sales managers, this stage (SQL) will be the last stage up to the closing, hence, there is another (at least one) step- CQL (Closing Qualified Lead), the stage in which requires a negotiation skills, extending the trust, and take the relationship to the next level.

Note: Changes of the leads between the SQL into the CQL, will provide your team to assessments if your client is back off the deal due to the Proposal structure, pricing, or other variables in which are relevant only in-between the stages.

Empower your brand through Inbound marketing

Your Inbound Marketing is our vision, with the ABM Strategy as the route and AI & BI platforms in our vain we generate engagements.

RevOps has worked with clients from all over the globes closely.

We are achievers! Believe that in the marketing tactics today, you have to have a full stack capabilities with BI (Business Intelligence), AI (Artificial intelligence), digital marketing platforms, monitoring system, in order to create engagements, infrastructure the Nurture and rotation, facilitate the relationships and the reputation with your B2B Contacts, Buyer Groups, and Accounts.

Key Takeaway

Its 2019, Marketing and sales cannot avoid working together anymore, the process and the flow of data are super essential and crucial for the success of the sales and to the company’s revenue.

It’s in our responsibility to build the nurturing, personalization, Point of Trigger ( PoT) and tactics per each of Full Funnel’s stages and for each Contact, buying group and account.

Mr. Kiefer Hazaz who has 20+ year career, encompasses all aspects of Sales operation, Marketing strategy, Product management, Business development, and C-Level experience, from a variety of High-Tech Companies size and industries. The vast expertise has provided Mr. Hazaz the potentialities to maximize Marketing ROI and increase sales through successful.

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